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We are Logimayab

We are an organization focused on the client; our objective is to achieve concentration on the fundamental aspects of your business, providing public federal transportation that has a positive impact on your chain of supply.

The in-depth knowledge of the transportation industry, the understanding of the markets, and the standardization of our processes allows us to find business solutions that satisfy all expectations.


Misión Logimayab

To provide full satisfaction of the transportation services that our clients require through the ongoing improvement of human resources, procedures, and technology, generating profits to the stockholders, which allows our development and longevity.


Vision Logimayab

To be a diversified transportation company that delivers in a timely manner the services provided to its clients.

Security Policy

We are committed to providing transportation services with the opportunity to guarantee our clients the requirements of permanent improvement in our human resources, the processing of security through the supply chain, and state of the art technology.


At LogiMayab, social responsibility is a vocation that is governed by commitment, congruence, and participation.

We maintain the commitment to stimulate development inside and outside our company, implementing initiatives in 3 lines of action:

  • Development of the skills of our collaborators.
  • Contributions to the communities where we have presence.
  • Improvement of the environment.

This way, with timely actions, we innovate to integrate businesses and communities, thereby achieving one single goal: the common good.



We have more than 220 International brand units with satellite tracking system.

40-feet double articulated crates.

Self-loadable or gravity loaded chutes.

Cajas sencillas de 53 pies y equipo paletizado para carga lateral.

53-feet single crates and pallet equipment for side loading.

Bolsa de trabajo Logimayab

Become a part of our team

We have great employment opportunities for you. If you want to become a part of our team, complete the following form and send us your resumé. An advisor will be in touch with you soon.

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